Is Dragon Ball the Longest Running Anime? (Solved!)

Here is if Dragon Ball is the longest running anime

Oh dear anime enthusiasts, we must break it to you – Dragon Ball, as legendary and iconic as it is, does not hold the title for the longest-running anime. It might be Goku’s greatest disappointment, but it is the truth. Let us explain.

First, let’s put things into perspective. When we say Dragon Ball, we are addressing the whole franchise, which includes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and so on. This fantastical anime series does have an impressive timeline, as it’s been around for quite some time, even inspiring other popular franchises like One Piece and Naruto. But alas, our beloved Goku can’t beat all the competition.

Now hold onto your kamehamehas, because we’re about to reveal the true holder of this esteemed title. Sazae-san, which started airing in 1969, has been around for (drumroll please) a whopping 53 years, making it not only the longest-running anime series but also the longest-running animated series ever. With over 2500 episodes, this show is the epitome of long-lasting. Sazae-san makes even the mighty Dragon Ball series seem like a mere warm-up.

So, what difference does this make? Well, it’s simply a fun fact for all anime lovers out there. We can still appreciate Dragon Ball for its astonishing success, captivating characters, and its continuous impact on the anime world.

In conclusion—that’s a no-no! Didn’t we say no conclusions? Alright, our lips are sealed. Just remember that, like Goku, we keep pushing ourselves to appreciate all kinds of anime, old and new, series and movies alike. And that, fellow fans, is where the real power lies!

Is Dragon Ball the Longest Running Anime?

The Longevity of Dragon Ball Series

Dragon Ball Z

Here we have Dragon Ball Z, the one many of us grew up with in the late ’80s and early ’90s. This series was the trendsetter in the world of action anime. Covering only five story arcs and one filler arc, Dragon Ball Z became our first contender for the longest-running Dragon Ball series. Our sci-fi adventure with Goku and friends may not have been the longest, but it sure made a mark.

Dragon Ball GT

Oh, GT, you tried. Produced in 1996-1997, Dragon Ball GT was like the little brother constantly trying to outdo its older sibling, Z. With only 64 episodes, Akira Toriyama may have been done with Dragon Ball, but it looks like Toei wasn’t. Enter sci-fi-filler-extravaganza Dragon Ball GT. The result? To be honest, let’s just say we still have a soft spot for it.

Dragon Ball Super

The next leap in the timeline, Dragon Ball Super, picked things up after the adventures of Z. It brought back our beloved characters and some new ones, too. But compared to Gundam and Pokémon, Dragon Ball Super might not take the longest-running title home with its limited episodes and arcs. However, we can’t deny that excitement in our hearts when this series came into existence.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Last but not least, we have Super Dragon Ball Heroes. This peculiar addition to the Dragon Ball family catches our attention with only 6-minute episodes that pack in a whole lot of story. I mean, who knew you could fit so much in such little time? We appreciate the brevity, dear Heroes.

As our journey of reminiscing through the Dragon Ball series comes to an end, we must admit that it might not be the longest-running anime series. But hey, it’s still a fantastic franchise we’re proud to have grown up with and one that will stay with us forever.

Dragon Ball Vs. Other Long-Running Anime

One Piece

Ahoy there, mateys! Let’s hop aboard the wild adventure of One Piece. This swashbuckling voyage boasts an impressive 1,000+ episodes. Luffy, the protagonist, and his crew of pirates are constantly on the search for the elusive “One Piece” treasure. Impressive, but compared to Dragon Ball—which has roughly 153 episodes in the original series—there’s a whopping gap between the two.


Believe it! Naruto and its sequel series Naruto Shippuden hold a special place in our ninja-loving hearts. However, the combined episode count falls just short of hitting that precious 720 mark. Close, but no senzu bean when it comes to outlasting Dragon Ball.


Our futuristic cat friend, Doraemon, has time-traveled his way into over 2,700 episodes! This adorable and educational alien robot sure knows how to keep kids entertained, but let’s be honest—we’d pick Goku over a magic pocket any day!

Case Closed

Elementary, my dear readers! Case Closed, also known as Detective Conan, has been cracking cases for more than 1,000 episodes. This long-running mystery anime has kept us guessing more times than we can count, but we’re still team Dragon Balls all the way.

Crayon Shin-chan

What do you get when you mix a mischievous 5-year-old with a penchant for drawing? Crayon Shin-chan! This classic anime has garnered us plenty of laughs over its 1,000+ episodes. Though it brings a smile to our faces, it doesn’t quite fill us with the same shonen anime goodness as Dragon Ball does.

Detective Conan

Are we seeing double here? You betcha! Detective Conan is Case Closed‘s twin edgier brother, and—no surprise here—it also boasts an impressive 1,000+ episode collection. Coincidence or a classic case of sibling rivalry? You decide!


Bow down to the ultimate long-running anime—Sazae-san. With a jaw-dropping episode count of over 7,000, this anime sets the bar pretty high for our competition. While we can appreciate the slice-of-life reality of Sazae-san and its protagonist’s family life, our hearts still yearn for the pure, adrenaline-pumping action that Dragon Ball delivers.

There you have it, folks! Our humble investigation has shown that while Dragon Ball is a powerhouse, it isn’t the longest-running anime out there. That being said, when it comes to shonen anime and sheer cultural impact, we stand firm in our appreciation for the legacy of world-saving, planet-destroying, and, most importantly, lionhearted characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

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